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You manage six more reps and are on pace to hit a personal record. As the set nears its end, you push one, maybe even two more reps out compared to your last big training work-out. At this point, your low back is now sensing the struggle from resting in the rack position, and your arms are fully pumped while trying not to let go of the bell. With the final seconds ticking down, you finish the set with the feeling of accomplishment – you’ve just achieved a PR!

The next morning as you first roll over in bed, you can immediately feel muscle and joint soreness  from pushing past your limit yesterday. You laugh to yourself, as your hand doesn’t even want to even grip your toothbrush…. You need a massage.

When you put your body under this type of stress, whether it’s from powerlifting, cross-fit or kettlebell training/sport you need a well planned and calculated recovery plan to help you get back to your daily obligations. Massage is a great way to help you with this. Proper massage can help you to:

– manage your arm pump so as to increase your reps

– increase range of motion and flexibility keeping your shoulders and hips from stiffening up

– increase circulation, allowing nutrients to exchange more readily on the cellular level

– decrease delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and speed up recovery after your training

– manage and prevent injuries