The horse stance vertical exercise can be used to increase stability of the low back. This exercise increases the endurance of the supporting musculature.


This stretch is aimed at stretching out the hip flexor muscles (predominately psoas and iliacus). These muscles can become tight with prolonged sitting and can be a factor in low back stiffness.



This version of the quad stretch facilitates hip extension which will provide a better stretch to the longest quad muscle, the rectus femoris. Using gravity to help stretch these muscles makes it easier to relax and achieve a more effective stretch.


Ah yes, the classic lunge exercise. Are you doing it correctly? The lunge is often performed with 3 common faults. Fix these and get more from every rep.


The front squat exercise is an efficient movement for activating the quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs, and upper back. Using this exercise in the gym in lieu of individual exercises for each muscle can save time and provide a more functional workout.



The gluteus medius muscle is an important muscle of the hip and is hugely important for knee health, hip health, and back health. This muscle can be weak (and is often weak) in individuals who have issues in any of these three joints. The exercise in the video is a good beginning movement for strengthening the gluteus medius muscle.