Many people ask me what they should do once they get home after their massage. Below are some helpful tips you can do that will prolong the benefits of your bodywork.


Drink lots of water. During your massage, your cells and tissue have been moved around causing and increase in blood flow to various areas. The increase in blood flow means the cells are able discharge waste in the blood. Generally speaking when have knots, there is a lack of blood circulating in that area. This means that the cellular debris is unable to leave the cells. If your therapist worked out a bunch of knots it is especially important to flush out your system so this debris can be removed from your body.



Take an epsom salt bath. Place two or more cups of epsom salts in a bath filled with warm water. Sit in the bath for 20 minutes. The epsom salts are Magnesium Sulfate which helps with muscle tension, cramping, and sprains.  It is important to soak in the bath for 20 minutes as it takes about that long for the magnesium to make it past your skin and into the layers of tissue that need it most. This is great after your massage and will help you to avoid any soreness the next day.



Breathe diaphragmatically. Take the time to breath fully and with your belly. We have all trained ourselves to breath while sucking our stomachs in. This form of breathing can cause muscle tension in areas of your body like your neck and shoulders. This occurs because in order to make room in your lungs for a nice deep breath, your neck muscles pull your ribs up rather than allowing your diaphragm to fill your belly. You will find that if you inhale for a four count and exhale a six count your will feel far more relaxed.



Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to rest after your massage. It is most ideal if you can be in bed by 10 o’clock. It is said that the first four hours or so of sleep is when your physical body starts to repair. The last four or so hours is when your body repairs it neurological function. Keep in mind that your body is manipulated when you receive a massage and it needs time to readjust.