Happy New Year 2018!! Good Riddance 2017!

So after watching my mom get diagnosed with breast cancer, and pass away two months later, I decided to change my lifestyle up a bit. This year, for my New Year's Resolution,  I am focusing on my health and making the proper modifications to my diet, and exercise programs. First thing’s first, THE PLAN ...


Step One: get back to a Ketogenic diet, a diet which consists of a bunch of fat, low carb and moderate protein. Did I mention that in the last 4 months of 2017 I was on a steady diet of Ben and Jerry’s with a cocktail to top it off.  Yup, a recipe to gain tons of weight, 25lbs to be exact, and watch my energy levels deteriorate.  Both signs of decreased well being in my book, not to mention all the other health concerns associated with such a diet.

So I committed to a Ketogenic Diet with the help of my good friends Stefanie Obregozo and Bob Kopinski. They put together an 8 week Holistic Reset that encompasses the Keto and/or Elimination diets, as well as mindset, detoxification, and meditation. With their help, I am armored with tools, and a Facebook group of supportive people, that will help me on my journey.  If you are interested in learning about other resets like this please check out Stef’s website at www.stefanieo.com.

kb comp.jpg

Step Two: Incorporate more exercise into my life.  As my mode of operation, I signed up for yet another kettlebell competition in addition to planning an aggressive backpacking trip this summer. So weight training, and cardio are in my future. I have planned it such that pretty much every day I will have some sort of activity to do. It might be a bit much, but we shall see how it goes. 

Step Three: Start up a new  daily meditation practice. Once I wake up in the morning, I jot a few words down in my journal  (to slowly wake up) then set a timer for 20 min for meditation time.  I used to meditation fairly often and have developed some good tools to get me started and keep me from getting distracted, or even falling asleep. If you need help with your tools, you may want to check out https://www.jeninebeecher.com/meditation-foundations.html  She is a good friend of mine. She teaches some great stuff in her meditation foundations courses.


Last Step for now: Go to the doctor. YUCK! I hate going in for an annual to get poked and prodded and told that i am healthy. But since my mom just passed from breast cancer, I should really check in to see where my markers are so I can make the appropriate adjustments to avoid illness. 

I will keep you all informed on how things go. I think I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew, but any progress from where I am currently will be better than none.