Whether you have decided that you are going to train for your first 5k, or you have run countless miles as an ultra marathoner, massage can help you to prepare for your big race, avoid injury as well as help you to recover efficiently. Find out how massage can assist your with your competitive goals.


After countless miles in the saddle and a number of switchbacks on trail your knees and lower back start to become more apparent. You ignore the nagging aches because you have to see what is around the next bend. Find out how massage can help minimize your aches and pains while improving your power to the pedal.


As a triathlete, you are constantly using your entire body to propel yourself forward. You find yourself not only concerned about your knees, but unlike runners you are also concerned about the range of motion in your shoulders. Find out how massage can help you to keep your joints mobile and ready to work hard in your race.

Kettlebell Athletes

You spend three or more days a week at the gym testing the limits of your strength. During your heavy workouts your arms and legs shake with fatigue. The following day you get ready for work to feel the result of your efforts with every stroke of your toothbrush. Find out how massage can help you to manage muscle fatigue and improve your recovery time so as to minimize delayed onset muscle soreness.

Snow Sports

You love the feeling of your board or your skis cutting through the snow like butter. You are always on the search for the freshest stash of powder yet you are equally content with being confined to the groomers. As the season gets started, you find yourself feeling not as conditioned as you were last year. Massage can help you to recover from your epic day on the slopes and get your body ready for your next excursion.