Fuel For the Body

As I drove back to the Bay Area from Lake Tahoe today, I streamed a multi-day seminar on the Female Hormone System. The information I obtained was exceptional, and it helped me to better understand the many symptoms we often identify as disease.

The biggest thing I learned today was that most ailments stem from the fuel we put in our body. In turn, these ailments can often be reversed by eating appropriately. This doesn’t mean go for a low fat diet, nor does it mean cut all carbs from your diet. What it means, is eat whole organic and grass fed foods. The nutrition packed in such food is generally enough to minimize many of the ailments we see now a days.

In comparison, conventionally raised produce, is often packed with pesticides and other additives. In the same aspect conventionally raised meat is often pumped with hormones to help the animal grow bigger and beefier, much like the steroids some take to get more “yoked”. These additives cause havoc on our endocrine systems, and I am not just talking about the female hormone system, men’s bodies’ respond to this as well.

Once our delicate systems are disrupted, our bodies work over time to keep balance. This means we are more susceptible to lower energy, getting sick or even disease (if we want to get dramatic about it). Moral of this short story is, be mindful of what you eat on a daily basis. Make sure you are getting plenty of grass fed protein, organic vegetables as well as high quality fat. The key word is balance.

If you have questions about how this works, please let me know via email info@arborvitaemassage.com or schedule a session for bodywork. I would be happy to provide more resources to learn more about the topic.