New Year's Resolution 2015

I always find it easier to add something to my daily routine rather than to remove it. This year I decided my New Year’s Resolution would be to drink more water; more specifically, a gallon of water per day. It is a lot more water than I have been drinking, but so far so good.

If you too want to add more water to your daily, this is a great way to get it all in.

1 – Drink 20 oz of water directly when you wake up

2- Drink 12 oz while eating your breakfast

3- Drink 16 oz two hours before lunch

4- Drink 16 oz with your lunch

5- Drink 16 oz two hours after lunch

6- Drink 16 oz two hours before dinner

7- Drink 20 oz with dinner

8- Drink 12 oz before you go to bed

These instructions came from I found that using a Nalgene bottle has worked well, as it has the measurements on the side of the bottle. In general I have been drinking about 16 oz every 2 hours until I have finished four 32oz Nalgene Bottles. Yes, I do have to visit the bathroom often, but it has minimized as my body has gotten used to the increased water intake.

It is also a good idea to add a pinch of either unprocessed sea salt, or Himalayan Pink Salt to your bottles of water. This will replenish the minerals that may be flushed out with the water increase. I add this to two of my four bottles, although it would be beneficial to add it to all the water.

Happy New Year everyone!