Listen to your body

I love riding the slopes on my snowboard. By the time the ski season comes, I find myself itching to get up to Lake Tahoe and strap on my board. Once the season starts, I tend to hit the slopes as often as I can.

This last weekend I met up with an old friend to hit the slopes. Early in the day, I caught and edge and hit the ground pretty hard. My friend pointed and laughed at me (as good friends do) while I shook it off. My first thought was, “Man, am I glad I wear a helmet.” As we continued down the hill, I was feeling off and I knew that if I continued, the probability of further injuring myself was high. I called it a day.

The next morning, I woke up with the discomfort of whiplash. As soon as I got home, I made a few phone calls to my team of health practitioners. Between the chiropractic, soft tissue work and proper movement, the discomfort in my neck and shoulders was instantly gone.

The moral of my story is to listen to your body. Stop when your movement doesn’t feel right because “working though” the pain may create more injury. Secondly,  don’t tough out discomfort, it isn’t worth it when you have people like myself who can help you. If you are currently managing discomfort from a hard workout, or a weekend of activity, please schedule a massage appointment. The soft tissue work and do wonders.