When the daily grind takes over, a day of fun can leave us feeling a bit sore. What does one do about that? Do you just wait it out by calling in sick to work? Do you suck it up and try to ignore the soreness? Is there anything you can do to help minimize the aches?

In general, there are a few things that I recommend to manage your soreness.  It can be especially helpful when getting back to a seasonal activity in a slightly different climate than you are generally used to.

1- Epsom Salt bath – Many of you have heard me talk about the epsom salt bath. It can be a wonderful recovery tool. The trick with the salts is to soak in them for 20 minutes to allow the magnesium to penetrate through your skin. Magnesium is a mineral, along with calcium and potassium that is needed to contract or relax a muscle. If you find yourself with a charlie horse in the middle of the night, or general soreness, and epsom salt bath will usually take the edge off.

2- Stay Hydrated – The mountains, especially in the winter can be incredibly dry. This will not only cause your lips to chap, your skin to itch a bit,  but it can also contribute to headaches, and gut issues. Simply drinking lots of water can help combat these symptoms. To really step it up a notch, I often recommend adding a pinch of Himalayan pink salt, or unprocessed Sea salt to your water. Adding this salt will turn your standard water into electrolyte water without adding the unnecessary sugar and additives in electrolyte drinks. The best part is that it doesn’t change the taste of the water, unless you have put too much.

3 – Massage – Getting a massage after stressing a set of muscles that have not been used in a while can be incredibly helpful in the recovery process. The massage itself will increase circulation to the deep dark corners of your muscles. Areas that my not flush out as easily on their own. This “flush” helps nutrients get to the areas that need it, allowing for cellular repair and rejuvenation. Plus a massage can be a great end to a fantastic weekend.

Above all, continue to take the time out to have fun. Enjoying your days off with giddy school girl giggles can cure many ailments. It is an incredible motivator to get you out of your daily grind and enjoy all that life has to offer. Take care of yourself and have fun doing it.